Beat constipation the natural way



Constipation can be very painful and take a big toll on the body. Even though it usually lasts for a short period, to some it can be a long-term chronic condition that affects quality of life. Below are some of the reasons many of us experience it frequently:


  • Not eating enough fibre – fruits and vegetables are extremely important to your daily fibre needs
  • A change in your routine or lifestyle, especially your eating habits
  • Constantly ignoring the urge to pass stools
  • Not drinking enough fluid – water and fresh juices can help you tremendously
  • In children, poor diet and fear of using the toilet can lead to constipation

There are ways to treat constipation of course, with diet and lifestyle changes being recommended as the first treatment. This includes gradually increasing your daily intake of fibre and making sure that you drink plenty of fluids. Medication helps too although in some cases it can take several months before a regular bowel pattern is re-established.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that prevention is better than a cure. The best way to prevent constipation is having enough fibre in your body.

Constipation and Fiber are soul mates


There are two types of fibre, soluble and insoluble, both of which are essential for keeping your intestinal system running smoothly. Soluble fibre allows more water to remain in the stool, making waste softer and larger so it’s easier to pass through the intestines. Whereas insoluble fibre adds bulk to the fecal material, which hastens its passage through the gut and prevents that constipated feeling.

 If you are not a fibre fan, however, don’t worry. Our selection of Hi-Fibre juices is yummy and packed with other essential nutrients that are good for your body.

Mango Punch


This healthy concoction of mango, carrot, orange & pineapple is rich in fibre and antioxidants, making it the perfect healthy juice your body needs to fight constipation.

Veggie Zinger


One of our newest additions to the yummy and healthy selection of our Hi-Fibre juices is this refreshing blend of beetroot, cucumber, pineapple & ginger, which is loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help fulfill your daily nutrient needs.

Another notable juice from the selection is our Tummy Calmer, a healthy blend of orange, papaya, pineapple & ginger, which is designed to help improve your digestion and hence prevent constipation. Our other delicious Hi-Fibre juices include Strawberry Dream and Wake Me Up. You can check out the full range here:

So load up on fibre with one or two juices from us and you will feel the difference soon. :)