Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside is pretty much the science of a perfect cookie. It’s what we are looking for in our cookie paradise. When it comes to flavours though, everyone has their favourites. From the classic chocolate chip cookies and butter cookies, to the healthy ones that contain oatmeal and less sugar, we all pretty much can’t live without cookies at some point. They are so good to pair with a warm glass of milk on a cold rainy day or a cup of coffee for an afternoon break. And of course, they are your instant healer for when you need a boost of happiness after a long, hard day at work. Ah, the smell of freshly baked cookies is enough to make us forget our problems.

Cookies come in many pretty and cute shapes too, which makes them even more irresistible. Your days are brighter with them around and eating them in moderation can actually be a good thing, both physically and spiritually. This is especially true when they are packed with healthy and delicious ingredients, like our homemade cookies, which are full of multigrain goodness.

Made especially for the health-conscious these freshly baked cookies are full of nutrients, fiber and essential minerals that are beneficial to your body. And they are yummy too! Perfect for both kids and adults, they can be enjoyed in various ways at any time of the day. As breakfast they give you plenty of energy and keep you full for long. Missed your lunch? Cookies to the rescue! Pair them with coffee to keep you awake, or make them your “side dish” as you sip on your favourite Juice Works juice. Kids constantly asking for snack? Give them these little healthy treats and you’ll get some peace. Stuck in traffic jam and feeling hungry? Grab one of these cookies to help you avoid overeating at dinner.


Whichever way you prefer to enjoy them, our cookies will not disappoint. Get them today at any of Juice Works outlets for only RM10.60 (3pcs). Don’t say we didn’t tell you. ;)