New Juice Works Cookie in Town

Craving for something sweet and crunchy? There’s nothing like a perfectly baked cookie dipped in cold or warm milk. If you are a cookie person you will like the newest addition to our menu of healthy snacks – Multigrain cookie.


The perfect little snack

Made with love for the health-conscious, this new cookie is baked to perfection with the right level of sweetness and a touch of crunchiness, making it the perfect little snack both adults and children can enjoy.

You can have it at home with a glass of cold or warm milk or pair it with one of our smoothies for that extra healthy indulgence. It’s also lovely and convenient to eat it on its own at any time of the day, especially when you need a little energy booster. Whichever way you like them, these cookies are bound to make you happy. :)


The goodness of multigrain

Multigrain are high in complex carbohydrates and protein; hence they are your perfect buddies for providing energy over a longer period. The levels of protein in multigrain can aid the body in tissue repair and production of antibodies so the body is more capable of fighting sickness or infection.

Additionally, multigrain contains nutrients, fiber and essential minerals, such as magnesium and iron that the body needs to be strong and healthy. Magnesium helps build strong bones and teeth. It can also boost your metabolism. Whereas fiber is great in helping the stomach stay full for a longer period and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Multigrain that contains whole grains is also filled with essential fatty acids and B-vitamins.

3 for the price of RM10


Available from 1 November at all Juice Works outlets, you can get your hands on these yummy healthy cookies for RM4.20 only per piece (inclusive of GST). But why get one when you can get three cookies for only RM10.60? So head over to the nearest Juice Works outlet and try these new cookies for yourself or better, share them with your loved ones and watch them smile. :)