Eat Your Way to Prosperity


The types of food consumed during Chinese New Year is believed to be very important. For example, Chinese New Year meals should always have whole fish and chicken while you shouldn’t start the year with porridge for breakfast as it symbolises the beckoning of poverty.

With a fresh Lunar New Year ahead of us, here is a list of fresh fruits to usher in an abundance of luck and prosperity during the year of the Fire Rooster.



Pineapples are popular during the Lunar New Year to symbolise positivity. It’s also called “Ong Lai” in Hokkien, which literally translate to “fortune comes,” thus indicating good fortune for the year to ahead.



Pomelos represent continuous prosperity, wealth and good status. It is better to display them in pairs since it is believed that good things usually come in pairs!

Mandarin Oranges


The most common fruit associated with Chinese New Year are of course Mandarin Oranges. This citrus fruit signify wealth thanks to their colour and the Chinese word for “Mandarin Oranges” which sounds like gold.  These citrus fruits are best displayed with their leaves intact for longevity and secured relationships.



These delicious little fruits are meant to symbolise close family ties and thus are usually placed lavishly all around. Their lovely red exteriors also make it a great auspicious deco item for this time of the year.

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So, enjoy the Prosperity Juice every day for an auspicious year ahead. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!