Easy Mother’s Day Ideas

May is the month of mothers, as we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month. This year, it falls on May 14th 2017 and what better way to express your love, than to spend the day together!

So, here are some easy and fun ideas that your mum will surely appreciate.


  1. Join a Class Together

These days, there are all sorts of classes that can be taken together, be it just the two of you, or even as a family. Try a baking class, or for the more artistic, opt for some arts and craft instead. How about picking up flower arrangements, or a jewellery making class? There is a whole array of fun classes to try and explore! Plus, in most of these classes, you’ll both be able to take home your handmade item, giving mum a special trinket that she’s sure to treasure even more.


  1. Pamper Her

For those with a much bigger budget, why not treat mum to a special relaxing day. Everyone likes to feel a little spoiled and pampered sometimes, so why not let Mother’s Day be the perfect opportunity for it. After all, mums works hard all day to make sure her family is provided for, so it’s a great excuse to pamper her in return with a luxurious spa package or a delicate high tea.


  1. Cook a Surprise Meal

Instead of splurging on expensive and likely overbooked restaurants on Mother’s Day, why not show mum some heart felt appreciation by having a surprise cookout at home, and making mum a home cooked meal. It’s healthy and a great break for mums who tend to do the cooking most of the time. To further set the mood and have mum feeling extra special, have a vase or bouquet of fresh flowers on the table and play all her favourite tunes. But remember, don’t get lazy halfway and let mum clean up after!


  1. Have a Picnic

Spending quality time together in a fun outdoor picnic will make any mother smile in awe. Lay out the mats, and pull out those specially curated picnic baskets and pretty decorations, a fun day out every once in a while, can be relaxing for all. You don’t even have to go out of your way to locate a park if there isn’t one nearby, just have a picnic in your own home garden if that’s what you like.

Picnics are especially fun when there are kids all around and fresh foods to be eaten. While you’re at it, don’t forget to stock up on some cool drinks to conquer the heat! Nothing beats a refreshing cup of fresh juice from Juice Works. Made with fresh fruits, they’re a healthy fun drink that everyone will love!

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