Juice Works’ Detox Juice

Are you on a juice diet? Increasingly, we see an uptrend among Malaysians to go on a juice diet these days. Indeed, giving our bodies a cleanse diet, or more commonly used term – a detox juice diet is perhaps one of the key reasons why Malaysians are going on a juice diet, other than for slimming and healthier diet purposes.

With the everyday’s hustle and bustle, we are all time poor. Finding time to juice at home – 3 times a week could be challenging. Over time, this could dampen your determination to maintain juicing as part of your healthy lifestyle and diet.

Whether you want to do a juice cleanse, detox diet or juice diet, here at Juice Works, we enable you to plan your cleansing journey with 9 detox juices for you to choose. All of which, you can grab it to go within just minutes.

It’s hassle free and you can be rest assured that only the freshest fruits and vegetables go into our detox juice recipes.Here are 3 recommendations for you this week:

The NEW Super Ace Detox Juice

Juice Works Super Ace Detox Juice

It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins for a healthy heart and body. Served with a blend of tomatoes, celery, carrot and oranges.


The Immuno Kick Detox Juice

Juice Works Immuno Kick Detox Juice

We highly recommend this if you want to give your immune system a boost. This juice recipe that includes orange, apple & carrots will stimulate and protect your immune system with plenty of vitamin A & C.


Hearty Liscious Detox Juice

Juice Works HeartyLicious Detox Juice

Take care of your heart! Feed it with a recipe of apple, beetroot, and carrot and orange to give your heart the nutrients it needs.

Check out all of our 9 detox juice on the menu here: http://juiceworks.com.my/juice/detox-juice/ Nutrition facts are provided there too!

Getting into a regular detox diet will free your body from toxins, making you feel lighter, brighter and healthier. So, utilise our extensive variety of detox juices and tailor a juice diet plan that suits your body’s needs.