Fun Father’s Day Ideas

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most parts of the world, Father’s Day is a great excuse to take some time off and show a little extra love to the heroes in our lives. Here are some fun ways to spend the weekend or day with that special man.


Barbecue Cookout

Dads love a good cookout, especially when it involves a huge outdoor grill and a round of refreshingly icy cold drinks. Plus, it’s an ideal way to get the whole family gathered around and laugh as each one tries to outdo the other with the title of best chef award.


Sporty Dad

For dads with a thirst for adventure, or at least those who prefer something more recreational, what better way is there to spend some time together than doing some sports. Depending on your dad’s preferences, there’s an endless number of activities that can be done together throughout the day. How about a round of golf in the morning, and maybe some high adrenaline go-karts later in the day. Pick from activities like fishing, prawning, hiking, bowling, or even just simply cycling around the park for a memorable Father’s Day.


Pamper Dad

It may come as a surprise for some, but even dads like to be pampered sometimes. Treat dad to a spa day, especially with an emphasis on a good massage. A strong, solid massage will help dad relax and get all that stress and tension out of his system, making this a sure-fired way to put a smile on his face.



For those with extra time on their hands, why not go on a weekend camping trip? It’s great fun for the whole family, and an excellent way to bond with one another, especially away from all that hectic city life and constant use of electronics. And while you’ve remembered to pack some food for the overnight stay, don’t forget to get some for the drive as well. A cup of fresh Juice Works fruit juice is great for long drives, giving everyone a much needed boost of energy and hydration without having to worry about crumbs on the floor!