Happy New Year! Being back in full force after the holiday season can be pretty tricky, and while the festive cheer is still ringing in your ears, you’re probably feeling exhausted. So is your skin. If those holiday parties and gatherings have been taking a toll on your skin and you’re entering 2018 with a dull, tired complexion, then it’s time to consider a skin detox. Here we show you how.

Puffy Eyes

The easiest and most obvious way to tackle puffy eyes is to get back on your sleep schedule. Say ‘no’ to late-night outings or parties and get as much rest as possible. Try sleeping on your back as this prevents fluid collection in your face and under your eyes. Applying natural home remedies, such as sliced cucumbers and soaked tea bags also help. So do other eye-savers like ground ginger and honey, avocado slices, and pineapple slices, for quick relief.


Dry Skin

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with warm water to keep your skin from drying out. Next, choose a moisture-rich cream that contains natural emollients like shea butter, olive oil, and almond oil to boost the skin’s natural barrier and seal moisture in. Also, look for products with redness-reducing ingredients, such as white tea extract, sea whip extract, turmeric, green tea, rose extract, cucumber, and ginger. Bonus: they smell good too!


Acne Breakouts

Exercise to reduce stress and calm your system. Working out also reduces the production of DHT and DHEA, the hormones responsible in part for acne. Additionally, a regular skin care regime is equally important to combat acne. Make sure to keep your skin clean, exfoliated, hydrated, and protected all the time. Lastly but definitely not least, consume a healthy diet by including antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in your meals. Our selection of healthy juices makes a great choice for your diet as they are made from the freshest ingredients. What’s even better is that you can select up to 4 fruits of your choice for a custom-made juice that suits your preferences and needs.


With the above tips, you’ll achieve glowing, radiant skin in no time.  Let’s start the New Year with healthy beauty choices and make 2018 a great one!