Cervical Cancer Awareness Month – January

Did you know, cervical cancer is the second most widespread cancer among women around the world? Considering how little we hear about it, that’s a pretty surprising discovery isn’t it?


What causes Cervical Cancer?

Cells in the cervix are continually changing, and an abnormal change could lead to precancerous cells, an early detectable stage before actual cancer.

The main cause of cervical cancer is due to infections caused by certain human papillomavirus (HPV), a common infection found especially among sexually active women. In most cases, the body’s immune system naturally fights off the infection, however some high-risk HPV types are unable to go away, causing cells to change abnormally over long periods of time. When detected, these cells can easily be removed in its early stages


Woman in doctor's office frowning


Unfortunately, precancerous cervical cell changes and early stages of cervical cancers do not show much obvious symptoms until much later in its development, so regular screenings through either a Pap or HPV test is best! These tests are common and easily done by a certified gynaecologist and can even be done during your regular full-body check up.



Other Risk Factors

While a HPV infection is cervical cancers highest risk factor, several other determinants may also increase your chances of developing it.


Cervical cancer is highly preventable with the right attitude and informed awareness.  Just always remember to keep healthy, plus schedule regular screenings and you’ll be just fine!



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