The new year is approaching and it seems like it was only yesterday that we were making
our New Year’s resolutions. How many of yours have been kept until now?
Congratulations, if you have managed to keep them alive! Sadly though, most of us tend
to forget them when the novelty starts to wear off. Here, we tell you what we can learn
from those who persist, to help you make New Year’s resolutions that last.

Be realistic

Research shows that the most successful people set goals within their boundaries of
competence. So, although losing 50 pounds in 4 months sounds like a great plan, it’s
most likely going to lead to feelings of failure. Your goals needs to be challenging but not
so far beyond your competence that they make you anxious. Set a more achievable goal
that makes you feel good about yourself, and over time, build your competence towards
more challenging goals.


Small changes, big results

New Year’s resolutions are usually about making big changes in your life with long-term
results. However good our intentions though, approaching something as big as losing 20
pounds in a year can be daunting, especially if we have never exercised before or
watched what we eat. Start with smalls tweaks in our lifestyle and slowly build the
momentum as we see ourselves moving steadily towards our goals. Doing a 15-minute
workout daily and eating less fat, for example, will give you results that can motivate you
to do more challenging workouts and start a healthy diet to help you lose the extra


Stay focused and feel good

It’s important to connect our goals with something meaningful. If the rewards of our
goals are too far in the future, we might lose the motivation. Therefore, we have to make
the meaning immediate so that we can feel good in the moment. Reward yourself with
something you enjoy when you have achieved your weekly goals, for instance. Luckily,
the rewards can still be healthy ones if you aim to maintain your weight and stay the
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Last but not least, don’t get tired of making resolutions because by making them, you are
more likely to commit to the changes. Rest assured, with the right goals and approach,
you will have New Year’s resolutions that last.