10 Fun Strawberry Facts


With Strawberry Day being celebrated on the 27th of February, so let’s give these bright and delicious little fruits a little glory. Besides being incredibly nutritious, here are some fun facts about strawberries you probably never knew about!

  1. Strawberries aren’t actually berries by classification, instead they’re called an accessory fruit. This is because they’re the only fruit to wear their seeds on the outside! True berries on the other hand have seeds inside.
  1. There are approximately 200 seeds on an average strawberry!
  1. Love that sweet fragrant smell of a strawberry? Well, that’s why they are members of the Rose family – they smell just like they taste!
  1. Swap your carrots for some fruity strawberries instead. Strawberries have a higher antioxidant value, helping prevent cataracts and other degenerative eye problems!


  1. Just 8 strawberries will provide over 140% the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for kids!
  1. The ancient Romans strongly believed that strawberries had medicinal powers and used them to treat basically everything from depression to bad breaths and sore throats!
  1. In the 1700s, a prominent women called Madame Tallien from Emperor Napolean’s court was rumoured to love strawberries so much, she took baths in their fresh juice. Records say she used over 22 pounds of fruit per basin! But don’t worry, if you think that’s a great waste of fruits, people of that century didn’t use to bathe as frequently as we do!
  2. If you’re looking to find love, look for a double strawberry! Legend has it that if you split a double strawberry and share it with someone of the opposite sex, you’ll fall in love.


  1. Before we end, how about a rather practical fact. To make your strawberries last longer, avoid rinsing them before storage as it speeds up spoiling. Just rinse them before you eat them and you’re good to go!
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