Have you heard of our new drink? Yes, the Green Dinosaur is in town! This green drink is super healthy and yummy thanks to the addition of spinach and lychee. Not a fan of spinach? Read on and you might change your mind.

Things you may not know about spinach


We’ve all heard, especially when we were kids, that spinach can make us strong like Popeye. But here are a few things that might make you fall in love with this leafy green, if you haven’t already.


The heart for a start can definitely benefit from this amazing vegetable. Spinach helps keep your heart healthy and strong because of its high nitrate concentration that can effectively lower blood pressure. Including spinach in your diet will also help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.


Another benefit of spinach is that it can help you eat less. This is because thylakoids, part of the cell system that gives spinach its green color, can help you feel full thus decreasing the chances of overeating. Another round of bread or cakes may not be so tempting when you’re already full, right?


And here’s the most interesting part – research shows that juicing or blending fresh spinach in a juicer or blender releases the beta-carotene stored in cell membranes, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients and powerful antioxidants. So rather than cooking it, juicing or blending spinach may actually provide more health benefits.


Lychee, Chia Seeds and Lime

Other than spinach the Green Dinosaur also contains lychee, chia seeds, lime, tropical juice, low-fat vanilla ice cream and sorbet, making it the most delicious green juice you’ll ever find. We bet you and your kids will love this healthy juice, so why not come by any of our outlets today and try it. The drink is available in three sizes – junior, midi & power, and guess what! From now to 23 July, when you buy this freshly blended juice in any size, you can pair it with our wheatgrass shot for only RM1.50 with your juicy VIP card. So what are you waiting for? The Green Dinosaur will only be in town until Aug 31, so hurry before it leaves.