Mini Me, Mini Cup

How often do we see a little girl wear the same outfit as her mom and go “awww”? The mini-me ensemble has always been both adorable and amusing to onlookers especially when the “mini-me” resembles his or her parent in looks so much. Just take a look at Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in their matching outfits. An A+ as far as cuteness goes, don’t you think?

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise

Matching outfits made perfectly for a mother and daughter duo are not the only mini-me trends however. We see more and more dad and son duos wearing the same ties or shoes, even having the same haircut.

father son same haircut

No doubt, the mini-me idea helps to strengthen that connection between a child and his or her parent. Parents know this too well – their children always mimic what they do; so it’s rather empowering when they get to wear what their parents wear too. And of course, that cuteness effect is what parents are aiming for. Don’t we all just love cute stuff?

This is one of the reasons Juice Works has come up with the mini-me cup for your little ones. Called the Junior Cup, it’s the perfect matching cup to your power size cup so now you both can have your favourite healthy juices in your own “personal” cup.


The new 250ml Junior Cup is easy to hold and here’s the best part: you don’t need to think about sharing your precious freshly blended juice with your little one or having to pick his or her favourite juice instead of yours. Fair enough? We think your little one would agree on this.

So come weekend, take your boy or girl out for a juice date and enjoy your juicy happiness in the matching cups for a cute moment that he or she will definitely remember. Stay cute, stay healthy together, why not? :)