Bulletproof healthy eating habits

The festive season is over. Or is it? While we enjoyed eating those delicious rendang dishes and to-die-for Raya cookies our body has been suffering from it. It’s time to get back to healthy eating habits that will make you feel a lot better inside and out.

Habit #1: Choose healthy snacks


Who can let go of snacking completely? No one can and we understand that too well. So instead of indulging in more cookies or chocolate and other sugary bars, why not pick your favourite fruits and blend them into a healthy juice? Add some low fat yogurt and you are good to go. If you don’t want the hassle, just come by any of our outlets and we’ll do it for you. And yes, you are free to choose whichever fruits (up to four) you want in your juice. Talk about convenience!

Habit #2: Eat often, but in small portions

Eating when you’re already starving is really not a good idea. Our advice: keep food close all the time. You can have your salad ready for lunch or a jar of nuts on your office table for a quick bite, or a cup of freshly blended juice in your car for when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. That way you will never go hungry and chances of overeating at dinner table will be pretty low.

Habit #3: Detox and feel the power

We’ve heard it so many times – detox is good for your body. But how many of us actually are doing it? “No time” is the number one excuse but guess what, now is the perfect time to do it because your body will benefit tremendously from it. Fret not, our detox juice selection will help you make time for it. From Spring Clean to Slimmer’s Paradise to Skinny Me, each juice offers something that will improve your overall health and make you feel like a new person. Check out the whole range here: http://juiceworks.com.my/juice/detox-fiber-juices/ and tell us which is your favourite.

And if you haven’t tried our wheatgrass shot, you should, as it is the mother of all detox foods. All you need is a daily shot to boost the power and you will see and feel the difference in no time.

16 Apr

So there you go, 3 healthy eating habits to help you achieve a healthier you. Try them, starting today!