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Got the Beet – Juice Works’ Heart-healthy Juice

Got the beet

  In conjunction with World Heart Day that’s happening this month, we’ve launched a new heart-healthy drink that will get your heart in tip-top condition. Introducing Got the Beet; a… read more →

Juice Works Promotion – Early Bird Special


Early bird catches the worm. The saying is absolutely true because now you can enjoy a Power size drink from our Fruit Smashes Category for only RM10.60 from 10am –… read more →

Meeting a Durian Lover at Juice Works


July is Malaysian’s favourite month of the year because the King of Fruits is back in season! Everyone on your social media will be posing and feasting on these thorny… read more →

Raya Zinger, Healthy Festive Drink.  


  Our Raya Special drink hits all Juice Works outlets in Malaysia this 18th June. Introducing our NEW RAYA ZINGER, a healthy festive drink  blended with tropical flavours that you… read more →

NEW- Juice Works 10th Anniversary Tumbler


Our NEW special edition 10th Anniversary Juice Works Bros Tumbler goes on sale today! Juicy VIP Members, we’ve got a treat for you too! Purchase your new tumbler today and… read more →

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