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Bulletproof healthy eating habits


The festive season is over. Or is it? While we enjoyed eating those delicious rendang dishes and to-die-for Raya cookies our body has been suffering from it. It’s time to… read more →

The Wonders of Spinach

spinach-in-a-bowl-1260x840 (1)

While eating spinach won’t give you instant muscles like they do for Popeye, they can definitely make your body much stronger than before! These green leafy vegetables are a superfood… read more →

Healthy Alternative to Your Meals


Juice for breakfast, juice for lunch, juice for dinner – WHY NOT! More and more people swear by juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement their weight loss… read more →

Healthy Juices For Kids


Ask any parent and they will tell you a long list of food their kids don’t eat. If you are not one of them though, lucky you! But it’s safe… read more →

Fruits for the heat


Air conditioner must have been your best friend these past few months due to the unbearable heat. But you know what can help cool your body inside and out? Fruits!… read more →

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