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Staying Green and Healthy


We at Juice Works have always encouraged our fans to stay healthy by offering freshly blended juices that are made with fresh fruits and vegetables. Now we want you to… read more →

Healthy Smoothie for Everyone


Who can resist a cup of freshly blended smoothie? Made from blended fresh fruits or vegetables it’s deliciously thick and creamy thanks to the addition of dairy products such as… read more →

Raya Dates Shakes


Ramadan is here, and for this special month we have come up with a brand new drink called Raya Dates Shake. Yes, it’s the first time we use dates in… read more →

Healthy Juices For Kids


Ask any parent and they will tell you a long list of food their kids don’t eat. If you are not one of them though, lucky you! But it’s safe… read more →

Green Juice for your body


Eating two to three servings of vegetables a day is essential to keep your body healthy and strong, but only a small percentage of people are doing it. If you… read more →

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