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Healthy Smoothie for Everyone


Who can resist a cup of freshly blended smoothie? Made from blended fresh fruits or vegetables it’s deliciously thick and creamy thanks to the addition of dairy products such as… read more →

Raya Dates Shakes


Ramadan is here, and for this special month we have come up with a brand new drink called Raya Dates Shake. Yes, it’s the first time we use dates in… read more →

Healthy Juices For Kids


Ask any parent and they will tell you a long list of food their kids don’t eat. If you are not one of them though, lucky you! But it’s safe… read more →

Green Juice for your body


Eating two to three servings of vegetables a day is essential to keep your body healthy and strong, but only a small percentage of people are doing it. If you… read more →

All about Juice Works


Think you know all about us? It’s time to test your “loyalty”. ;) Here’s a list of things that you may or may not know about Juice Works:  100% Malaysian… read more →

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