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Wake Me Up!


Wake your body with the tangy zing of Wake Me Up. A low fat blend of Orange, Banana and Strawberries, this cocktail of fruits is bound to refuel your tired… read more →

Melon Drop


Melon Drop is a refreshing new entry to Juice Works’ Menu. Shower your taste buds with this thirst-quenching blend of watermelon and sour sop. Hydrating and packed full with vitamin… read more →

Berry Lovers – Berry Licious


Get your dose of calcium and folic acid in the most delicious way possible. Berry Licious is a yummy blend of strawberries, mixed berries, banana, apple juice and low-fat mixed… read more →

Vegetables Dessert


Vegetables and desserts do you think they are a good combination? If you love carrot cake, you will love our 5 most interesting finds where vegetables and desserts meet. #1… read more →

6 Tips To Deal With The Haze


With the hot and dry weather lately, the haze has once again rear its ugly head. The dry season looks like it is here to stay, therefore, here are some… read more →

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